Get the flexibility and professionalism your food company needs


In our purpose built facility, we can help you regardless of if you are a small business trying to break into the market, or a large established business and everything else in between. With our qualified team, we can customise the process that meets all your needs from Consulting, Research & Development, Compliance, Blending and Packaging to Warehousing & Logistics.


If you want to stand out from the rest we have the qualifications and certifications in quality and export required for producing powdered, blended food products in Australia and for overseas markets.


We pride ourselves on responding quickly to urgent needs and fluctuating demands, as we know timing is everything. Don’t let your competitor get ahead of you, call us today and let us help you and grow together.

What services do you need?


We have a highly qualified team ready to turn your dreams into a high quality product.

We provide market-fit advice on nutrition, flavours and formulations to meet all required certification and legislative requirements.

We can help you feel sure that the product we blend for you is the right one.

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Full capabilities to customise your blending requirements. Enough capacity to grow with you.

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We can consult and guide you through packaging options and label design, even help you find the right compliance information.

With a wide range of packaging options available, we can consult, advise and customise packaging that’s right for you.

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Warehouse and Logistics

We can store your product, pick-and-pack it and help you secure distribution contacts.

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How can we help you?
Call +61 7 5540 8140

We provide advice, contacts and services to companies both large and small. We don’t fit ‘small’ or ‘large’. We fit you.

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